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Unmasked Peer Reviewers
(Science) In what appears to be a first, a U.S. court is forcing a journal publisher to breach its confidentiality policy and identify an article's anonymous peer reviewers.
Apple Pay Will Change Your Brain
( The way you pay can make a big difference in what you buy and how much you're willing to spend.
The Perfect Sugar Substitute
(Newsweek) There are dozens of other sugars with nearly identical yet fundamentally different chemical structures. And now a Japanese scientist has found a way to make them all.
Burrito Nutrition: An Investigation
(Food & Wine) Since we all need unsaturated fats and we all need burritos, could those needs be combined and satisfied all at once? With the help of a nutrition info database and a kitchen scale, we decided to find out.
The Heavy Water War
( Leif Tronstad was a standout scientist. World War II made him a freedom fighter, spymaster, and above all, a patriot.
I gave myself a Hangover for Science
(Popular For the sake of science, I arranged to follow an evening of indulgence by taking the Acute Hangover Survey, a questionnaire used in hangover research, and discuss my results with the scientists who use it.
The Moon and the Oh-My-God Particle
( How our nearest celestial neighbor can help scientists probe the extremes of the cosmos.
New Dwarf Planet Discovered
( Meet "Biden" — the newest dwarf planet.
A Song of Sun and Ice
( An entrepreneur looks to reshape the way vaccines are distributed.
Gecko Tape
(Newsweek) Tape Inspired by Geckos is Crazy Strong and Cleans Itself.
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